Rule 2002-1

Notices to Creditors

(a) Motions and Applications.  It shall be the responsibility and duty of the movant or the applicant, except for the United States Trustee and case trustee, to give the required notice of the hearing set on the motion or application or of the bar date by which an objection is to be filed if a hearing is not required.

(b) Discretion of the Court.  Notwithstanding the provisions of this Local Rule, the court may order that a particular party shall be responsible for any or all noticing to creditors.

(c) Forms of Notice.  Whenever a motion or application is filed which is required to be noticed or requires a hearing, the movant or applicant shall provide the form of notice.

(d) Service on Certain Interested Parties.  In all cases, if any notice is not required to be mailed to all creditors, but instead is required to be served only on certain interested parties, the moving party or applicant shall serve those interested parties.

(e) Preferred Addresses.

(1)   An entity and a notice provider, to include the Bankruptcy Noticing Center, may agree that when the notice provider is directed by the Court to give a notice to that entity, the notice provider shall give the notice to the entity in the manner agreed to and at the address or addresses the entity supplies to the notice provider.  That address is conclusively presumed to be a proper address for the notice.  The notice provider’s failure to use the supplied address does not invalidate any notice that is otherwise effective under applicable law.

(2)   The filing of a notice of preferred address pursuant to 11 U.S.C. § 342(f) by a creditor directly with the agency or agencies that provide noticing services (currently the Bankruptcy Notice Center)  for the Bankruptcy Court will constitute the filing of such a notice with the Court.

(3) Registration with the National Creditor Registration Service must be accomplished through the agency (currently the Bankruptcy Noticing Center) that provides noticing services for the Bankruptcy Court.  Forms and registration information is available at


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