Lawyer Representatives to the Ninth Circuit Judicial Conference

Have you heard judges or practitioners use the phrase "Ninth Circuit Representative" or "Lawyer Reps (or Representatives)" and wondered what it was about? This brief summary is intended to give you an overview of the role of a Ninth Circuit Representative, and how he/she is chosen.

Each year, the judges of the United States District Court and the United States Bankruptcy Court in Arizona select five lawyers to serve as the District's Ninth Circuit Representatives. There are a total of 15 lawyer representatives in Arizona. Currently, there are five criminal attorneys, five civil attorneys, and five bankruptcy attorneys. The Lawyer Reps serve staggered three year terms. They attend the annual Ninth Circuit Judicial Conference, which is also attended by many federal judges, magistrate judges, bankruptcy judges, and clerks of court within the Ninth Circuit, along with Lawyer Representatives from all the other states and territories within the Ninth Circuit. The Arizona Lawyer Representatives also meet periodically with our district judges, bankruptcy judges, magistrate judges, and clerks of court to discuss shared issues and potential improvements to the judicial system. In addition, the Lawyer Representatives play the leading role in organizing the annual Arizona District Conference for federal judges and practitioners.

One of the most important roles of the lawyer representatives is to provide a channel of communication between judges and attorneys, as well as provide support and advice in the functioning of the courts.

For more information, see the Ninth Circuit Lawyer Representative Website

Any Arizona attorney in good standing interested in applying should: 

  1.  complete and submit an application along with
  2.  a current resume that is no longer than two pages, and
  3.  a brief statement of interest and qualifications that is no longer than 500 words.  Interested attorneys may send their applications to:

Lawyer Representative Co-Chairs
By email:
By regular mail:
c/o Schian Walker, PLC
1850 N. Central Ave. #900
Phoenix, AZ 85004

If you are interested in serving as a Ninth Circuit Representative, click here for the application, which is due on August 24, 2018. Please note on the envelope "Lawyer Representative Application Enclosed."  Current lawyer representatives listed below.

Representative Term Expires
Adams, Joseph G. 2018
Aguilar, Arturo Andres 2018
Allison, Todd M. 2020
Barnes, Hilary L. 2018
Burns, C. Christine 2020
Conover, Laura 2020
Corrales, Jody A., Co-Chair 2018
Covault, Christina, Co-Chair 2019
Lammers, Mark D. 2019
Lantka, Peter M. 2018
Marconi, Andrea L. 2019
O'Brien, Sean 2020
O'Gara, Rosaleen 2019
Petersen, Frederick J. 2019
Schian, Dale C. 2020