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ECF Attorney Training

ECF Train Database Login

To obtain a live filing password, you must correctly fileĀ pleadings on the train system. If you represent debtors, you will also need to open two or three new bankruptcy cases. Listed below are bankruptcy cases and adversary proceedings in the train system that may be used to file test pleadings:

  • 2:19-bk-00008
  • 2:19-bk-00009
  • 4:19-bk-00010
  • 4:19-bk-00011
  • 2:19-ap-00002
  • 2:19-ap-00003

When you have made at least three to five test filings and are ready for your live system filing password, please call the ECF Help Line at 602-682-4900.

Additionally, the PACER Service Center site (no password is needed) offers electronic learning modules on various topics of the CM/ECF system that you might find helpful.