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The District of Arizona offers a database of opinions for the years 2012 to current, listed by year and judge.

Judicial opinions from the District of Arizona, as well as other participating courts from throughout the nation, can also be accessed through the U.S. Government Publishing Office's United States Courts Opinions web page. To view judicial opinions on the GPO’s website, click here.

Date Description Judgesort descending
09/16/21 Fuciarelli et al v. Brown et al (2:18-ap-00057-DPC) 09/16/21

Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law

Judge Daniel P. Collins
06/22/22 Parker V. Titan Mining (Us) Corporation Et Al (2:19-ap-00412-DPC) 06/22/22

UNDER ADVISEMENT ORDER on Summary Judgment Motions Concerning Alter Ego Claim

Judge Daniel P. Collins
02/07/19 Morris Anderson & Associates, Ltd. V. Redeye Ii, L.L.C. Et Al (2:14-ap-00534-DPC) 02/07/19

UNDER ADVISEMENT ORDER Re Motion in Limine No. 1 (Legacy Receivable)

Judge Daniel P. Collins
02/12/20 Sargon E Awdisho And Marina I. Awdisho (2:14-bk-06594-DPC) 02/12/20

ORDER Re: Motion to Reopen Bankruptcy Case and Motion to Avoid Lien on Real Property

Judge Daniel P. Collins
01/24/14 Scannell v. JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A. et al (2:13-ap-00302-DPC) 01/24/14

Holding: The parties present an issue of first impression, namely, which has priority in Arizona: a restitution lien or a purchase money deed of trust? The Court concludes that a purchase money deed of trust against real property has priority over an earlier recorded restitution lien.

Judge Daniel P. Collins
11/16/16 Cruz v. Schmidt et al (2:14-ap-00018-DPC) 11/16/16

Under Advisement Decision Determining Dischargeability of Debt

Judge Daniel P. Collins
12/18/20 Kinser Group Llc (2:20-bk-09355-DPC) 12/18/20


Judge Daniel P. Collins
05/02/13 Two Brothers XI, Inc. et al (2:10-bk-23048-DPC) 05/02/13

Holding: Enterprise contends it is entitled to superpriority administrative expense claims because the adequate protection provided to it by the Debtors was insufficient to cover the actual decrease in the value of its collateral. Because Enterprise has not proven that its collateral decreased in value, the Court denies Enterprise’s Superpriority Application.

Judge Daniel P. Collins
06/12/17 Karen Choy Lan Yee (2:16-bk-11798-DPC) 06/12/17

ORDER Regarding Fees and Expenses Sought to Be Held Nondischargeable Under 11 U.S.C. Section 523(a)(5)

Judge Daniel P. Collins
09/17/21 Bcb Contracting Services, Llc (2:19-bk-15555-DPC) 09/17/21

ORDER Granting Motion for Sanctions Under Sec. 105(a) and Rule 9011(c) Against Attorney Brian K. Stanley

Judge Daniel P. Collins