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The District of Arizona offers a database of opinions for the years 2012 to current, listed by year and judge.

Datesort ascending Description Judge
05/24/17 Diversified Funding Group, LLC et al v. Hendon et al (2:16-ap-00127-SHG) 05/24/17

Judgment, in favor of Gil Olguin

Judge Scott H. Gan
05/15/17 Owens v. LSF9 Master Participation et al (2:16-ap-00140-DPC) 05/15/17

ORDER Denying Debtor's Motions (1) for Extension to File Appeal Pursuant to Rule 8002(d)(1)(B), and (2) Waiver of the Appellate Filing Fee in a Chapter 7 Case

Judge Daniel P. Collins
05/04/17 Reish v. Phoenix Heliparts Inc. et al (2:16-ap-00331-DPC) 05/04/17

Under Advisement Ruling Denying the Reish Parties' Cross Motion for Summary Judgment, and Partially Granting the Liquidating Trust's Motion for Summary Judgment

Judge Daniel P. Collins
04/14/17 Kohner v. Pyper (2:17-ap-00079-DPC) 04/14/17

Under Advisement Ruling on Disposition of Funds Held by Chapter 13 Trustee Post-Dismissal

Judge Daniel P. Collins
03/23/17 Alejandrina Wilson (3:16-bk-12342-DPC) 03/23/17

Under Advisement Ruling on Validity of Bankruptcy Filing

Judge Daniel P. Collins
03/20/17 Southwest Holdings Group, Inc et al v. Ayers & Brown, PC et al (2:15-ap-00215-EPB) 03/20/17

ORDER, Minute Entry for Matter Taken Under Advisement

Judge Eddward P. Ballinger, Jr.
03/14/17 Richard John Zivney, III (3:16-bk-07582-DPC) 03/14/17

Amended Under Advisement Ruling on Trustee's Motion to Compel Turnover of Non-Exempt Funds

Judge Daniel P. Collins
03/14/17 Richard John Zivney, III (3:16-bk-07582-DPC) 03/14/17

Amended Under Advisement Ruling on Debtor's Motion for Reconsideration of Order Sustaining Trustee's Objection to Claimed Exemption

Judge Daniel P. Collins
03/13/17 Robert Monroe Galvan and Michelle Joanne Galvan (2:11-bk-02693-DPC) 03/13/17

Memorandum/Opinion Decision

Judge Daniel P. Collins
02/23/17 Deptris V. Mullen (2:17-ap-00021-DPC) 02/23/17

SUA SPONTE ORDER Dismissing Adversary Proceeding

Judge Daniel P. Collins