Rule 9022-1

Judgments or Orders

(a) Submission of Proposed Judgments or Orders.  Proposed Judgments or Orders shall be electronically submitted to the court by attorneys and case trustees using Order Upload in the ECF System.

(b) Notice of Lodging Judgment or Order.  Immediately after electronically submitting the proposed judgment or order into the ECF system, the submitting attorney or case trustee shall also electronically file on the case docket a Notice of Lodging the Judgment or Order with the proposed judgment or order attached.

(c) Service of Judgment or Order by Clerk. The clerk is authorized to serve on those parties, who have consented to service by electronic means, the notice of entry of an order or judgment by service of the “Notice of Electronic Filing” generated on the entry of the order or judgment. For such electronic service to be accomplished by the court’s ECF system server, the consenting party must enable the ECF system provided e-mail notification so that such service can be made. Such electronic service will be noted on the docket when the docket report is generated which includes the links to the “Notices of Electronic Filing.”

Committee Notes 2007: Paragraph one and three incorporate requirements of ECF Interim Operating Order No. 8. Paragraph two is a new requirement that will provide notice of the uploading of a proposed order or judgment.


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