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Rule 1005-1

Caption of Petition

(a) Caption.  The caption of any petition must designate the Court as the United States Bankruptcy Court, District of Arizona.

(b) Trade Name(s). The caption for an individual petition or joint petition by a husband or wife must include, after the name(s) of the debtor(s), the name of any sole proprietorship operated by the debtor(s). The caption for a debtor that is not an individual must include, after the name of the debtor, any trade name(s) used by that entity, which shall be identified by the letters “d/b/a”. 

Notes 2018:  LR was amended to add paragraph (b) calling for the bankruptcy petition to identify the name(s) of an individual debtor’s sole proprietorship(s) and an entity debtor’s trade names.  LR 9004-1 contains other requirements for filing papers.



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