Rule 2090-2


Bankruptcy Petition Preparers

(a) State Certification Required.  Only bankruptcy petition preparers, as defined by Bankruptcy Code § 110, who are certified as legal document preparers pursuant to the Rules of the Supreme Court of the State of Arizona are permitted to prepare documents for filing in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Arizona.

(b) Sanctions.  Any bankruptcy petition preparer who prepares a document for filing in the United State Bankruptcy Court for the District of Arizona and who is not a certified legal document preparer as stated above may be subject to the sanctions provided in Bankruptcy Code § 110 and/or as provided by law.

(c) Certification Number.  In addition to the requirements of Bankruptcy Code § 110, a bankruptcy petition preparer, certified as a legal document preparer under Arizona law, shall provide his or her certification number and a business phone number on any document prepared for filing.

(d) Other Prohibitions.  This Order shall not be construed as a modification of Bankruptcy Code § 110(f), which prohibits bankruptcy petition preparers from using the word "legal" or any similar term in any advertisement or advertising under any category which utilizes said term.


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