Rule 5005-1

Filing Documents

(a)  Discovery Documents. Unless the court orders otherwise, transcripts of depositions, interrogatories and answers thereto, requests for production, inspection or admissions and responses thereto shall not be filed with the court except that a "Notice of Service" of the foregoing papers shall be filed. Filing a notice of taking deposition satisfies the requirement of filing a "Notice of Service" with respect to depositions. This Local Rule does not preclude the use of discovery papers as exhibits or as evidence in a motion or a trial. Any party may request that the court permit an original document, such as a subpoena, be filed with it.

(b)  Exhibits. Exhibits which are in the custody of the clerk as a result of being marked for identification or having been introduced and/or admitted into evidence during any proceeding shall be disposed of as follows:

(1)  Returned to the party who offered the exhibit if the party makes written request for their return within 30 days after the time for taking an appeal has expired or after an appeal has become final.

(2)  If not returned pursuant to a timely request, the clerk shall destroy the exhibits upon the closing of the case.

(c)  Sealed Documents. Documents ordered to be filed under seal shall be disposed of as follows:

(1)  Returned to the party who filed the document if such party obtains a court order for its return.

(2)  If not returned pursuant to court order, the clerk shall destroy the sealed documents upon the closing of the case.


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