Rule 9010-1


(a) Attorney of Record.  An attorney who has appeared on behalf of a party in the administrative portion of a case or in an adversary proceeding becomes the attorney of record for the party, including if the case is converted to another chapter.  However, an attorney representing a debtor in the administrative portion of the case is not deemed to represent the debtor in an adversary proceeding, unless the attorney enters an appearance in the adversary proceeding.  An attorney of record shall remain such until the time for appeal of any judgment has expired or any such judgment has become final, the case has been closed or dismissed, or the court has entered a formal order of withdrawal or substitution in the case.

(b) Withdrawal and Substitution.  No attorney shall seek withdrawal or substitution as attorney of record in any pending case or proceeding except by written application.  Unless the Rules require otherwise, the application shall contain at a minimum:  (1) the name, address and telephone number of the substituting attorney, and such attorney's approval; or (2) if no substituting attorney exists, the client's name, last known address and telephone number, and a certificate of the attorney that the client has been notified in writing of the status of the case, including the dates and time of any court hearings or trial settings and the need to comply with any existing court orders, discovery requests and the possibility of sanctions for the failure to comply.  The application shall be presented to the court, may be considered without a hearing, and shall be accompanied by a proposed order containing the name, address and telephone number of the person to whom subsequent pleadings shall be sent.

(c) Notice.  Prompt notice of any withdrawal or substitution order shall be given to all interested parties in any case, adversary proceeding, or contested matter in which the withdrawing attorney has appeared.

(d) Under Advisement Matters.  Whenever any motion or other matter (such as a decision in a bench trial) has been taken under advisement by the court for more than 60 days, the attorneys of record in the matter, or any party affected by the undecided matter, may inquire of the court, in writing, as to the status of the matter, and may do so every 30 days thereafter until the submitted matter has been decided.


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