Rule 1005-1

Caption and Form of Papers

(a) Caption.  The caption of any document filed shall designate the court as the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Arizona.

(b) Case Number.  The case number on any document filed shall include:

(1) the division number for the division within the district in which the case was filed (0 = Yuma; 2 = Phoenix; and 4 = Tucson);

(2) the last two digits of the calendar year in which the case is filed;

(3) the letter designation of the type of case that is being filed, e.g., bk = bankruptcy proceeding; ap = adversary proceeding, etc.;

(4) the number of the case assigned when the case was filed;

(5) the initials of the Judge to whom the case is assigned.

(c) Case Chapter.  Each document filed shall designate the chapter of the case in the caption.

Committee Notes 2007: The changes above were made to conform to the case numbering and caption provisions that are applicable to bankruptcy matters as a result of the adoption of the ECF electronic filing system.


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