Rule 2084-10

Trustee's Recommendation / Objection

(a) Trustee Recommendation.  For any plan or motion for a moratorium, the case trustee shall file a recommendation / objection by 28 days after the date set for the creditor objections.
(b) Debtor Compliance or Dismissal.  The debtor shall comply with any requirements stated in the case trustee’s recommendation/objection requesting documentation or information, to move the case procedurally toward confirmation of the plan, or to pay any delinquent plan payments.  The debtor shall comply with the case trustee’s requests within 30 days after the case trustee files the recommendation/objection.  If the debtor does not timely comply, the case trustee may upload a dismissal order.  If the case trustee objects to the fees requested by debtor’s counsel, counsel shall provide to the case trustee a statement reflecting what work was done for the debtor and the time spent on each task.  The statement may be as time sheet summaries.

(c) Dismissal If No Plan Payments.  If the debtor makes no plan payments by the deadline for the case trustee’s recommendation set above, the case trustee may upload an order dismissing the case rather than file a recommendation/objection, and the court may summarily dismiss the case.

Committee Notes 2009: Time deadlines have been amended to be consistent with amendments to the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure, effective December 1, 2009.

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