Rule 2084-11

Confirmation Hearing or Hearing on Objection

(a) Trustee Need Not Attend.  Unless the court orders otherwise, a hearing on a creditor’s objection is not a hearing requiring attendance of the case trustee.

(b) Hearing on Objection.  A creditor who timely files an objection to plan confirmation may request a hearing on the objection from the court prior to the expiration of the last date for filing an objection to plan confirmation.  The failure of a creditor timely to request a hearing will constitute a waiver of the requirement that the court hold a confirmation hearing within 45 days after the date of the meeting of creditors.

(c) Confirmation Hearing.  Anytime after expiration of the time for a creditor to object, the debtor, case trustee, or creditor may request the court set a confirmation hearing rather than a hearing on an objection.  Any order or notice setting a confirmation hearing must clearly state whether the debtor, debtor’s attorney, case trustee, and any creditor with an unresolved objection must appear at the hearing.

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