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What if the case I am interested in has been archived? How do I request an old bankruptcy case file?

Common FAQ

Most case files with documents filed on paper have been shipped to the Federal Records Center (FRC). You can either request copies directly from the FRC or you can request the closed case be returned to the Clerk’s Office. To request copies directly from the FRC, please use the Archive Request Form which can be downloaded from the Forms section of this website. If you choose to download this form, you MUST first obtain the locating numbers by either viewing the docket or contacting the Clerk's Office (Sharon Leary at 602-682-4202). Written requests must be accompanied by a self-addressed, stamped envelope and must contain the case name and case number. In addition, please include your telephone number.

To order a closed file from the FRC to be delivered to the Clerk’s Office for viewing, please submit the Archive Retrieval Form. If you wish to review the case file, it will be returned to the Clerk's Office from the FRC at a cost of $64 to retrieve the first record from the FRC. For retrievals involving multiple boxes, there is a fee of $39 for each additional box (copy fees are additional).