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Court Forms

Form Name Form Date Description
Abstract of Judgment 11/06/2018 An Abstract of Judgment certifies judgments issued by the Arizona Bankruptcy Court.
Address Change - Attorney 02/06/2014 For address changes of any Attorney
Address Change - Creditor 02/06/2014 For address changes of any Creditor
Address Change - Debtor 09/22/2015 For address changes of any Debtor
Adversary Pro Se Handout 12/01/2015 Filing an Adversary Complaint: A Guide for Filers Not Represented by an Attorney
Application to Waive Chapter 7 Filing Fee 12/01/2015 Application to Waive Change 7 Filing Fee
Archive Request Forms 10/2015 To request copies directly from the Federal Records Center
Archive Retrieval Form 12/2023 To order a closed file from NARA. Submission of this form will cause the file to be retrieved to the Bankruptcy Clerk's office for viewing.  If you are wanting to order copies directly from NARA, please use the Archive Request Form.
Bankruptcy Forms Required for Filing 12/01/2015 Fillable Forms.
Chapter 7 Primary Requirements 12/01/2022 Pro Se Debtor Chapter 7 Information
Chapter 11 Disclosure Statement Form 08/01/2018 Chapter 11 Disclosure Statement for Individuals and Small Business
Chapter 11 Plan Form 08/01/2018 Chapter 11 Plan for Individuals and Small Business
Chapter 11 Operating Reports Varies Report Forms and Instructions Provided by the United States Trustee's Office
Chapter 13 Discharge Eligibility Certificate 12/01/2017 Fillable PDF Form
Chapter 13 Forms 12/01/2017 Newly adopted Plan Form 2084-4 and other related forms
Chapter 13 Primary Requirements 12/01/2022 Notice of Filing Requirements under BAPCPA
Claim Withdrawal Form 02/2024 Claim Withdrawal Form
Debtor Certificate of Financial Management Course 12/01/2015 Debtor certification of financial management course completion
Debtor E-Mail Registration Form 09/21/2015 Debtor E-Mail Registration Form
Declaration of Electronic Filing 08/01/2018 Local Rule Form 1007-1
Declaration of Evidence of Payments (pdf)
Declaration of Evidence of Payments (Word)
08/01/2018 Local Rule Form 1007-2
Declaration of Petition Preparer 12/01/2015 Declaration of Petition Preparer
Declaration Regarding Electronic Submission (eSR Use Only) 11/05/2021 Declaration Regarding Electronic Submission (eSR Use Only)
Declaration Under Penalty of Perjury for Debtors Without Attorney 08/01/2018 Local Rule Form 1007-3
Disclosure of Compensation of Bankruptcy Preparer 12/01/2015 Disclosure of Compensation of Petition Preparer
Dual Caption/Adversary Pleading Form 08/01/2018 Dual Caption/Advisory Pleading Form
Fees - Fee Schedule 12/01/2023 Form listing court-related fees
Fees - Transcripts 10/01/2023 Listing of Transcript Fees
Help Center Questionnaire 05/04/2011 General Information, Rules and Policies of the Self Help Center
Local Rule Form 2003-2(a)(1) 12/01/2022 Questionnaire for Chapter 7 Debtor
Local Rule Form 2003-2(a)(2) 12/01/2022 Document Checklist for Chapter 7 Debtor
Local Rule Form 3003-1 08/01/2018 Order Setting and Notice of Deadline for Filing Proof of Claim
Local Rule Form 3003-2 08/01/2018 Order Setting Initial Hearing on Approval of Disclosure Statement
Local Rule Form 3003-3 08/01/2018 Order Approving Disclosure Statement and Setting Initial Confirmation Hearing
Local Rule Form 3003-4 08/31/2021 Order Setting Confirmation Hearing and Fixing Deadlines (Subchapter V Cases)
Local Rule Form 4003-2 12/01/2022 Motion to Avoid Judgment Lien
Local Rule Form 4003-2 12/01/2022 Notice of Motion to Avoid Judgment Lien
Local Rule Form 4003-2 12/01/2022 Order Avoiding Judgment Lien
Local Rule Form 6007-1(c)(1) and (2) 05/21/2007 Notice of Intent to Abandon by Trustee or Debtor in Possession
Local Rule Form 6007-1(c)(3) 05/21/2007 Notice of Motion to Compel Abandonment
Local Rule Form 6008-1 05/15/2007 Motion for Order Authorizing Redemption of Personal Property
Local Rule Form 7016(b) 08/01/2018 Notice of Scheduling Conference
Local Rule Form 7016-1 08/01/2018 Joint Pretrial Statement
Local Rule Form 9027-1 05/21/2007 Notice of Removal of State Court Action
Master Mailing List Requirements 08/01/2018 Requirements for the master mailing list
Motion to Vacate Order of Dismissal and to Reinstate Case(pdf)
Motion to Vacate Order of Dismissal and to Reinstate Case(Word)
08/01/2018 Local Rule Form 1017-1
Periodic Report and Instructions 12/01/2017 Periodic Report Concerning Related Entities and instructions from US Trustee's Office
Pleading/Caption 02/09/2016 Legal Pleading Caption Template
Pre-Filing Requirements 08/01/2018 Pro Se Debtor BAPCPA Notice
Pro Hac Vice Application 08/01/2018 Attorney application for limited admission to appear and participate in an action.
Proof of Claim 04/01/2022 There are two ways a Proof of Claim may be filed with the court: by mailing or delivering a paper copy to the Clerk's Office in Phoenix, Tucson or Yuma; or by using our on-line Proof of Claim application. The Proof of Claim Instructions provide guidance for online filing.
Reaffirmation Agreement 12/01/2015 Reaffirmation Agreement
Registry Deposit Information 04/01/2017 Registry Deposit Checklist
Small Business Monthly Report 05/23/2018 Small Business Monthly Report from US Trustee's Office
Taxation of Costs 09/09/2011 Procedure and Form for requesting taxation of costs by prevailing party
Transcript Redaction Intention Notice 07/31/2007 Transcript Redaction Intention Notice
Unclaimed Funds Instructions 12/01/2023 Instructions for Unclaimed Funds
Unclaimed Funds Application 12/01/2023 Application for Unclaimed Funds