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Self-Represented Party Electronic Drop Box


If you are filing a document to delay or stop a foreclosure action on your home or for some other emergency purpose, it is very important for you to understand that official time of filing is when the document is entered and docketed in CM/ECF which can take 1-3 days.

Electronic Document Submission via Email and Use of Electronic Drop Box
  1. The self-represented party electronic drop box (EDB) can be used by a debtor or creditor in a bankruptcy or adversary proceeding with an assigned case number in this Court. If you would like to file a new bankruptcy case, please visit our Electronic Self Representation (eSR) webpage here.
  2. To use EDB, complete the Application for Access to Electronic Drop Box and Declaration Regarding Electronic Filing Form and submit by email along with a photo or scanned copy of your government-issued photo identification, such as a driver's license, passport or identification card, to for processing.
  3. Comply with Electronic Drop Box (EDB) parameters.
  4. Your application will be reviewed for compliance.  If the application complies, you will receive your EDB link.  If there are deficiencies, you will receive an email addressing the deficiencies to be cured.
  5. Signature requirements: Use of the EDB Link to submit Court Filings, together with either (1) an image of your siganture, or (2) a "/s/" with your full name(s) on a signature block, will constitute your signature(s) for purposes of Fed. R. Bankr. P. 9001 and Local Rule 5005-4(d) on all Court filings submitted electronically to EDB. Use of the EDB Link has the same legal effect as physically signing a paper document filed with the Court.
  6. An /s/ signature is a way to sign an electronic document using a typed signer’s name instead of an actual signature. As the signer, put an “s” between two forward slash marks in front of your typed name (for example, /s/ Dan Smith). This will constitute an official signature for the purposes of utilizing the Electronic Drop Box.
  7.  PDF Format- documents must be in pdf format. Pleadings with multiple attachments or exhibits should be combined into one pdf. If you wish to file multiple unrelated pleadings, you will need to process them separately.

Payment of Filing Fees 

All filing fees due by self-represented debtors may be paid by either:

  1. Bank Account (ACH), PayPal account, or debit card via our free online payment program
  2. Via U.S. Mail or in person:  U.S. bankruptcy Court, 230 N. 1st Ave., Ste 101, Phoenix AZ 85003 or U.S. Bankruptcy Court, 38 S. Scott Ave., Tucson AZ 85701