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Filing an Appeal

To appeal the final order or judgment of the Bankruptcy Court to a higher court, a Notice of Appeal must be filed within fourteen days after the entry of the order or judgment on the docket. There is a $298.00 fee for filing a Notice of Appeal that is due at the time the Notice of Appeal is filed.

The appeal will automatically be referred to and decided by the Bankruptcy Appellate Panel for the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals unless the appellant (the person filing the notice of appeal) files with the Notice of Appeal an Election to Have the Appeal Heard by the United States District Court. Any other party may file an Election within 30 days after service of a notice of appeal. When an Election is filed, the appeal will be referred and decided by a US District Court judge. See 28 USC section 158 and FRBP 8001(e).

An appeal to the Bankruptcy Appellate Panel will be governed by the Rules of that court. See the attached for further information and the BAP Local Rules.

An appeal to the United States District Court will be governed by the Local Rules of that court. See the attached District Court Local Rules governing appeals (rev. 2017)