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Rule 6008-1


(a) Procedure.

(1) Motion.  A debtor must file a motion to redeem personal property.

(2) Service.  The motion and a notice of opportunity to object must be served upon:

(A) Any creditor claiming a lien on or interest in the personal property to be redeemed;

(B) The trustee; and

(C) Any other person or entity required by law or the Court.

(3) Entry of Order.  If an objection is not timely filed and served, the movant may file a certifiate of service and of no objection and lodge an order granting the relief requested.

(b) Objection.

(1) An objection must be filed and served within fourteen (14) days of service of the notice and motion.

(2) An objection must be supported by specific facts and applicable law.  Legible copies of all appraisals or summaries relied on by the objector must be attached. 

(3) If a timely objection is filed and served, debtor must obtain a hearing and file and serve a notice of hearing on the objecting party and file a certificate of service. 


Notes 2018:  No substantive changes made to this rule, only minor text changes.


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