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Local Rule 1002-1

Commencement of Chapter 11 Cases - Status Conferences

In cases filed under or converted to chapter 11, the court will issue an order setting an initial status conference, at which counsel should be prepared to discuss the following: 

(a)  The nature of the debtor's operations and the factors leading to the filing of a chapter 11;

(b)  Whether any professionals have been or will be employed by the debtor;

(c)  Any unique issues regarding secured debt, employees, executory contracts, cash collateral, existing management and/or equity owners;

(d)  A deadline for the filing of a plan and disclosure statement;

(e)  A deadline for the filing of proofs of claims and interests;

(f)  The status of debtor's post−petition operations;

(g)  The status of any litigation involving the debtor; and

(h)  If applicable, the additional requirements for a small business case.

 Notes 2018:  New LR adopted to formalize the practice of setting an initial status conference for each chapter 11 filing.

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