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Local Rule 2002-2

Procedures for 21-Day Negative Notice

(a)  Negative Notice.  A twenty-one (21) day negative notice procedure is appropriate in all matters described in LR 9013-1(k).

(b)  Form of Notice.  The moving party must serve a detailed notice of the motion on all parties entitled to notice. The notice must clearly state the requirement to respond within twenty-one (21) days after service of the notice and that the Court may grant the motion without further notice. The moving party must file a certificate of service in accordance with LR 2002-1(f).

(c)  Time.  Upon expiration of the time stated plus any additional days required under the rules for service, and if no objections have been filed, the moving party may file a certificate of service and of no objection and lodge an order granting the relief requested. The lodged order must conform to the relief requested in the motion. If an objection is filed, the movant must obtain a hearing date, serve notice of the hearing on all parties entitled to notice and file a certificate of service.


Notes 2018:  New LR designed to streamline the process for negative notice.

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