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Local Rule 5005-6

Filings Under Seal

(a)  Motion to Seal.

 (1)  A motion to seal may be made on an ex parte basis setting forth the basis for the relief. The moving party must upload a proposed form of order. 

 (2)  Simultaneously with the motion, the document under seal will be provisionally filed in the manner prescribed by sub-paragraph (b) until the Court rules on the motion.

 (3) If protected materials or information are necessary to support the motion, the materials must be described in a declaration filed with the motion, which will be provisionally sealed.

 (b)  Filing Sealed Documents.

 (1)  Any document to be filed under seal must be filed electronically using the docket event specifically designated for sealed documents.

 (2)  A party excepted from filing electronically must submit to the Clerk any document to be filed under seal in a sealed envelope containing the pleading caption, and referencing the motion or order authorizing sealing. Any sealed documents filed in paper will be scanned and electronically sealed on the docket, then destroyed.

 (c)  Disposition of Documents filed Under Seal.  If the motion to seal is denied, the Clerk’s Office will delete the sealed document.

 (d)  Motion to Unseal.  A motion to unseal a document may be made on any grounds permitted by law, and must be served on the party that requested the sealing.

 (e)  Viewing by Court Personnel.  Unless ordered otherwise, Court staff will not be precluded from viewing sealed documents.  

Notes 2018:  New LR establishing updated procedures for filing and disposing of sealed documents (procedures previously set forth in LR 5005-1(c)).  Unless otherwise excepted, all sealed documents are to be filed electronically.


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