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Pending Changes in the Bankruptcy Forms

Absent further extensions, CARES Act provisions in section 1113 will expire on March 27, 2022.  The expiring provisions affect Official Forms 101, 122A-1, 122B-1, 122C-1, and 201.  Those forms will revert to the pre-CARES Act versions on March 28, 2022, except Form 201. 

Furthermore, effective April 1, 2022, Official Forms 106C, 107, 122A-2, 122C-2, 201, 207, and 410 along with Director's Forms 2000 and 2830 will be updated to account for triennial adjusted dollar amount changes.  

Official Form 201 will be affected by both the expiring CARES Act provisions and the triennial adjusted dollar amounts.  To minimize any confusion resulting from two forms changes in a short period, Official Form 201 will be updated on April 1, 2022, with the adjusted dollar amounts and contain the pre-CARES Act language OR contain the current CARES Act language if the provisions are extended.  

In light of the many form changes, please make sure to utilize the correct form when filing with the court.