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Redaction Procedures - New $25.00 fee effective 12/1/2014

At its September meeting, the US Judicial Conference adopted a $25.00 fee for filing a motion to redact information.  The fee is to be charged per request, but can include redaction of multiple documents in one case.  The fee goes into effect on December 1, 2014.  The policy also includes guidance that the $25.00 fee is due, unless waived by court order, and applies to both open and closed cases.  If filed in a closed case, the court is not to charge a case reopen fee. (This is a reversal of previous guidance that court's were encouraged to charge a reopen fee.)  Attorneys are reminded of their responsibility to redact documents prior to filing under FRBP 9037.  If a filed document needs to be redacted, the proper procedure is file a motion to redact and then upload an order.  When the order is granted and docketed, the court will restrict viewing of the previously filed unredacted document.  The attorney should then file an amended properly redacted document and link it to the restricted entry.