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Rule 1015-1

Joint Administration/Consolidation

(a)  Transfer of Related Cases.  Whenever more than one bankruptcy case is filed for related debtor entities or the cases are otherwise related, counsel may file a motion to transfer the assignment of the cases to a single judge. The motion to transfer must (1) specify the reasons for transfer, (2) be filed in the lower numbered case only, and (3) identify the other cases to be assigned by case name and number. The judge assigned the lower numbered case will rule on the motion.

(b)  Joint Administration/Substantive Consolidation.  A motion for joint administration or for substantive consolidation must include a request to transfer the assignment of the cases if the cases are not all assigned to one judge. If joint administration is ordered, all subsequent filings must designate if it applies to all debtors or a specific debtor. If substantive consolidation is ordered, all filings must be made in the designated case.

 (c) Filings after Joint Administration.  All pleadings must be filed in the designated case except schedules, statements of financial affairs, proofs of claims or interests and Monthly Operating Reports.


Notes 2018:  Amendments clarify filing procedures in jointly administered and substantively consolidated cases.


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