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Rule 2014-1

Compensation of Professionals on a Fixed or Contingent Basis

(a)  Reviewed for Reasonableness.  All professional fees may be reviewed for reasonableness under Code § 330(a)(3) unless the application expressly states in the caption and the body of the document that the appointment is under § 328 and such provision is approved by the Court.

(b)  Disclosure of Retention of Professionals.  Any estate professional who retains another professional must promptly disclose such retention and if appropriate, file an application for employment or compensation. If the disclosures or application would cause privileged information or confidential litigation strategy to be revealed, the Court may enter appropriate orders to protect the information. 


Notes 2018:  Subpart (b) added requiring disclosure of retention of estate professional by other estate professionals or third parties, such as expert witnesses.


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