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Rule 2084-15

Trustee Motion to Dismiss

(a) Trustee Motion.   A trustee’s request to dismiss for debtor’s failure to make timely plan payments or move the case toward confirmation may be summarily granted unless, within thirty (30) days after service of the motion, the debtor:

(1)  Brings plan payments current or agrees with the trustee to a payment schedule;

(2)  Files a detailed response and requests a hearing;

(3) Files and serves a conversion notice or motion; or

(4) Files and serves an amended or modified plan.

(b) Dismissal.  The trustee may lodge a dismissal order and the Court may summarily grant the motion if the debtor fails to comply with (a).

Notes 2017:  LR amended to clarify that the case may be summarily dismissed if the debtor fails to comply with this Local Rule. 

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