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Rule 2084-5

Tax Returns

Unless the court grants a motion for an extension of time, if a debtor fails to comply with Code § 521(e) or (f), or § 1308(a), the trustee may  lodge a dismissal order and the Court may summarily dismiss the case, or the trustee may file a motion to dismiss. The Notice of Commencement of Case issued by the Clerk’s Office will include a statement that the Court may summarily dismiss the case for failure to file the required tax returns. If the debtor elects to provide a transcript in lieu of a return, the debtor must provide a “Tax Return Transcript” that includes a line item summary with substantially similar information as provided on the tax return.

Notes 2017:  A simple account transcript that summarizes the financial status of the account, date of filing, assessments, and so forth, is not substantially similar to a tax return and fails to comply with Code § 521(e) or (f).

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