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Rule 3007-1

Claims - Objections

(a)  Requirements for Claim-Related Filings.  All objections must state a specific basis for disallowing the claim under Code § 502.  Except for omnibus objections, the caption for any claim-related filing must identify the claim number and the name of the claimant as set forth in the official claims register.

(b)  Notice of Bar Date to Respond to Objection.  A party filing an objection to a proof of claim that is not asserted as part of an adversary proceeding must give notice that (1) the claimant has twenty-one (21) days from service of the objection to file and serve a response, and (2) if a response is not timely filed and served the Court may sustain the objection without further notice or hearing.

(c)  Order Sustaining Objection.  If a response is not timely filed and served, the objecting party may file a certificate of service and of no objection and lodge an order granting the relief requested. 

(d)  Hearing.  If a response is timely filed and served, the objecting party must obtain a hearing. Once a hearing is set the objecting party must serve notice on the claimant and file a certificate of service.


Notes 2022:  Subsection (a) is amended to clarify that filers of omnibus objections to claims are excepted from identifying the claim number and name of claimant in the caption.  Other stylistic changes made to subsection (b) and (d).


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