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Rule 9072-1

Procedures Governing Alternative Dispute Resolution Matters in Bankruptcy Cases

(a) ADR Program.  Litigation in bankruptcy cases frequently imposes significant economic and other burdens on parties and often delays resolution of disputes.  Alternative Dispute Resolution ("ADR") procedures have the potential to reduce delay, cost, stress and other burdens often associated with bankruptcy and bankruptcy related litigation.  Mediation, in particular, allows parties more active involvement in determining the resolution of their disputes.  To provide a court-annexed ADR procedure, the court adopts Local Rules 9072-1 through 9072-9 creating an ADR Program for the District of Arizona (the "ADR Program").

(b) ADR Methods.  It is the court's intention that the ADR Program shall operate in such a way as to allow the participants to take advantage of and utilize a wide variety of ADR methods.  These methods may include, but are not limited to, mediation, negotiation, early neutral evaluation, and settlement facilitation.  The specific method or methods employed will be those that are appropriate and applicable as determined by the mediator and the parties, or as directed by the court and will vary from matter to matter.  Nothing contained herein is intended to preclude other forms of ADR with the consent of the parties.


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