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Local Rule 2004-1

Time Limits to Compel Examination or Production of Documents

(a)  Ex Parte Relief.  Rule 2004 Orders are generally granted as ex parte without time to respond.  A party subject to a 2004 Order may timely file a Motion for Reconsideration or Motion for Protective Order.

(b)  Examination; Production.  A 2004 Order may not require the attendance at a deposition or production of documents on less than twenty-one (21) days' notice.

(c)  Reducing or Extending Notice Period.  Nothing in this rule prohibits parties from stipulating to an earlier or later examination or production or from shortening the notice period under LR 9013-1.

Notes: 2018:  New LR clarifying that 2004 Orders are subject to reconsideration and protective orders, and establishing a twenty-one (21) day notice period.


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