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Rule 2084-1

Scope and Definition - Chapter 13 Rules

(a) Scope.  Local Rules 2084-1 through 2084-28 govern chapter 13 practice.
(b) Definitions.  As used in these 2084 Rules.

(1) “arrearage” is the total amount past due to a secured creditor or lessor as of the petition date or, if applicable, as of the date of the filing of a plan;

(2) “conduit payment” is the regular contractual post-petition payment owed by a debtor to a real property creditor when the debtor is in default under the terms of the mortgage as of the petition date or is in default after the petition date;

(3) “mortgage” is any form of perfected security interest in real property consensually granted by the debtor;

(4) “plan” means the original, amended, or modified plan;

(5) “real property creditor” is an entity holding a mortgage on real property, or a servicer of that mortgage, that is the principal residence of the debtor;

(6) “serve” means by regular mail, email or fax; and

(7) “trustee” means the chapter 13 trustee.


Notes 2017: Amended to include definitions relevant to chapter 13 practice. 


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