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Rule 2084-2

Filing Requirements

(a) Application to Pay Fee in Installments.  Debtor's petition must be accompanied by the entire fee or an application to pay the filing fee in installments.

(b) Statement of Financial Affairs and Operating Reports.  If the debtor is self-employed or engaged in business, the debtor must:

(1) Complete Part 11 of the Statement of Financial Affairs; and

(2) File monthly operating reports (using Local Form 2084-2) for each month – including the month in which the petition was filed – until plan confirmation.

(c) Dismissal for Failure to File Documents.   All documents required by LR 1007-1, the FRBP, and Code § 521 must be timely filed absent a Court order granting an extension. Failure to file required documents in a timely manner may result in case dismissal without further notice or hearing.



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